About Astitav

Astitav Entertainment is very well committed to organize the beauty pageants and many other events in relation to the below activities. We believe to give a chance for every ambitious woman to identify their dignity, passion and dreams by joining Astitav Entertainment.

Astitav is all about to find out your identity, confidence and recognition. It has been working in the field of social work and cultural activities from the last 6 years and dedicated to women empowerment.

The founder of Astitav Entertainment is itself a woman who has achieved heights of success in her life. She is known as Mrs. India Diva Queen – Archana Sharma and she is also a passionate dancer, model, and social worker.

The motto of Astitav Entertainment is to give a platform to a woman or a girl to showcase their talent and make the dreams come true apart from holding their family responsibilities.

Astitav offers a unique opportunity for aspiring women wanting to be part of the pageant. Click link for details.
We invite registrations and encourage individuals to use this opportunity to make their dreams come true in the world of beauty pageants!
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